Story of Futuro Associates

The roots reach all the way back to 2011 when Futuro was founded. Paola understood there was a great need for recruiters in Germany. Her extensive recruitment experience and the luck to have worked for and with big influencers in the market, prepared her for such step. She started as Rec2Rec business. Recruitment agencies with a big hunger for young professionals in the recruitment space heard quickly of the superb service. Paola used her 10 years experience to build a network of recruiters all over Europe, Asia and United States. The success story was written.

Fast forward past some successful years she reached a point in 2017 where she needed a partner. Fortunately it was Kristian she chose for this efficacious journey. The GmbH was established end of 2017 and the IT marked added to the already successfull service of Futuro Associates. Her background in the SAP market and Kris's extensive activities in the SAP area forged this new era of Futuro.

Combined both Paola and Kris bring over 25 years IT recruitment experience with markets under their belt like USA, ASIA, Europe and Russia. Roles covered from ABAP developers, SAP consultants, business consultants, inhouse IT consultants, leaders all the way to CIO and other C-Level roles. To our current clients we count LifeScience Companies, Automotive Suppliers, Insurance companies as well manufacturers and German based consultancies. 

What makes the difference is the actual relationship to the decision makers our client and the information flow to the involved candidates. There are infectious talks and discussions between al three of us. It’s is fun to be part of such business. The establishment of Futuro Associates was the right decision, back in 2011 and 2017 again!

Our mission

"What we bring together, stays together!"

Our mission  is  to understand to be able  match  the client's dream  candidate  with  the candidate's  dream  job.  We bring  together,  what  belongs  together.   

The name Futuro Associates

oh what a name!

We know, just call us and we might tell you how to pronounce it!
As Paola is being undeniably Colombian, the “Futuro” was picked from her mother tongue and means “Future”.

The “Associates” can be translated to partner, member, participator or even employee if you want and was the perfect addition.
That would make it the “future partner” of your choice and your path to growth.

The heart and founders of Futuro Associates

Paola Ochoa  and Kristian Fröhlich.

Paola, a Colombian professional based in Germany, has over 10 years of experience as a Talent Acquisition/Recruitment expert. Born in Medellin, Colombia, and with an education in Civil Engineering from EAFIT University and MBA at East London University, her professional career began at K2 Partnering Solutions Ltd. (London). An avid health-nutritionist and sports activist, Paola is also a member of the Business Women Inspiration Club in Munich. Paola has since established her own rec-to-rec firm, focusing on placements for national and international recruitment talent in leading businesses throughout the world.


Kristian, born in Dresden, Germany, is a recruitment professional with 15+ years experience. A born salesman with international studies and experience in EU, ASIA and US recruitment businesses, he specialises in IT recruitment with a focus on SAP consulting and C-Level Management. Kris has been director and partner in British and German agencies before becoming the partner of Paola. In his spare time Kris enjoys sports and is a talented amateur photographer.


Together Paola and Kris have forged a strong Team made of experienced recruiters of all nationalities. A collective 25 years of IT recruitment experience ensures a feeling of trust and comfort, so you can focus on the important things.


The Team

is made of excellent experienced recruiters of all nationalities. Together we bring over 20 years of IT recruitment and 5 years rec2rec experience. This will give you a feeling of trust and comfort, so you can focus on the important things. 

At Futuro Associates...

...we stand for quality, selection and process. With numerous years of experience and a strong network we do what we know best - recruiting the most experienced candidates for our corporate clients...